Founded in London by Martyna, Forest Hive® is on a mission to create multi-purpose, everyday skincare derived from the highest quality plants, flowers and fruits extracts.



With a background in Lifestyle and Fashion Journalism and a passion for Beauty, Martyna moved to the United Kingdom. After enrolling to Perfumery Art School in the UK and working with natural oils she started to explore the greater powers of natural ingredients. She decided to pursue her flair for concocting safe, healthy, natural skincare products; perfect for all skin types and ages. Her lifelong interest in beauty, fueled her race to perfecting skincare formulas; with no allowances for shortcuts; inhumane animal testing, and environmentally depleting chemicals.

Starting with highly touted hand lotions and sanitizers, all stocked by high-end establishments (spas, hotels, and restaurants) across the country, we have slowly penetrated the traditional beauty industry—installing a new standard for sustainability and more conscious blend of natural ingredients. From this more laid back beginning, our founder decided to dig even further—unlocking the secret 26, followed by world’s first plant based SPF serum ointment

Each formula was well researched, jealously guarded, and tested only on willing participants to be finally laboratory tested and approved by Oxford Biosciences to give it to you. Standing apart from the cutthroat methods of the cosmetic industry, all of our products carry a guarantee of being; cruelty free, vegan and ecofriendly.

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