FH® Bioactive Botanicals

FH® Facial Workout Tool


The ultimate addition to your FH® regimen — this two-balled face roller will help you not only reap the benefits of our best-selling 26 serum, but boost collagen production and improve skin elasticity.


Regular use stimulates the face muscles to effectively bring oxygen to the area, mimicking the massage motions of an aesthetician — a natural anti-aging effect in and of itself. As well as increased blood circulation, regular facial massage can help stimulate cell growth, aid in the prevention of fine lines and wrinkle formation, promote lymphatic drainage, help reduce puffiness and eliminate toxins.


Made of steel and zinc alloy, the FH® roller is safe and easy-to-use:

— made of the most hygienic materials on the market

— offers a cooling effect which helps reduce puffiness and inflammation

— ergonomically made so as to promote released tension in the facial muscles


How to use:

  • Eyes – Using the double ball part of the roller, gently roll on the the lids and under eye area. Start at the inner corner of the eye and roll outward.
  • Cheeks and jaw line – Start at the chin, roll up and out toward the cheeks, on both sides.
  • Forehead – Begin at the hairline and at the middle of the forehead, rolling slowly towards the ear. First left and then repeat again for the right.
  • Neck – Begin rolling at the base of the neck and roll upward toward the chin.